an independent music company


Sugarstar is an independent record and publishing company, focusing on the development of new and emerging artists. Utilising current and alternative delivery platforms via our digital label and ground breaking links to video game soundtracks.

“Our direct worldwide deals with iTunes & Nokia enables us to reach millions of music fans, so we can represent our artists without compromising their initial inspiration.”

Mark Fordyce, Managing Director / Founder

Broken Sword the Angel of Death Soundtrack to the video game, fourth in the million selling game series.

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (Directors Cut) Soundtrack features new tracks from the iPhone version.

Other People’s Mouths The stunning debut album from übernoise,

DEFCON Soundtrack to multiplayer thermonuclear war strategy game from Introversion Software.



Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (Directors Cut)

Original Soundtrack Album

Featuring an orchestral score from  composer Barrington Pheloung plus tracks from Miles Gilderdale featuring Jade Herbert. The album has been released to co-inside with the iPhone version of this million selling game including all the score plus credit music and hidden tracks within the game. 

Watching Her Go is the new single from Miles. Delivering  a subtle blend of pop harmonies from this legendary guitarist.